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Programmable Art NFT





This Programmable Art NFT is inspired by the interactive Art Lamp Riflessa (1970) by designer Gianfranco Fini. The NFT, conceived by artist Francesca Fini, changes dynamically every hour over the day.

Riflessa (1970)

Riflessa NFT

Programmable Art by Francesca Fini
Riflessa Collection, 2022

Riflessa is a Programmable Art NFT from the Riflessa Collection by artist Francesca Fini. In this collection, the artist gives a renewed and alternative 3D digital existence, forever recorded on the blockchain, to the modernist Art Lamps conceived in the 70s by her father, the designer Gianfranco Fini, and produced in limited editions by the visionary Italian company New Lamp. 

A few survived super rare examples of these Designs have recently become collector's items in the vintage design markets and sold for tens of thousands of dollars at Christie's and other major auction houses.

Riflessa IRL
by Gianfranco Fini
New Lamp, 1970

A luminous panel in stainless steel with white lacquered metal. The steel cubes are magnetic and can be interactively re-arranged to create infinite light patterns. This was originally a very large wall lamp, measuring 81 x 81 x 10 cm. The piece is featured in Luce lampade 1968-1973: il nuovo design italiano, Fulvio Ferrari e Napoleone Ferrari, Allemandi Editore.

The NFT Project by Francesca Fini

The NFT created by Francesca Fini intends to recreate some of the infinite possible interactive configurations that the original physical Art Lamp allowed its audience. For this reason, 24 different renderings were created, unified into a single digital work of programmable Art that changes over the course of 24 hours. This was possible thanks to the minting of the NFT on Async Art, a cryptoart platform specialized in dynamic works of programmable Art.

Stui Fin Digital Editon

Drawing Light,

 Sculpting Time.

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